Me and my big (blog writing) mouth

Well, I blogged last time about good ol’ 2014.  Why had I forgotten about the phenomenon known as Murphy’s Law?

It’s turned a bit rubbish in the last month or two.  Yasmin hasn’t been too good at all and is off work at the moment.  I’ve ended up being off work myself a week ago and I’m sure that I caught the virus in the first place because I’ve let stress leave me so run down.

Well, I’ve got some sort of stability into things again so I’m back on social media.  I say back on social media, but I have made the odd Tweet on Twitter in the last few weeks.  Tweets only take 140 characters and it’s easy to Tweet from my mobile ‘phone, so that hasn’t been too much of a strain to keep up with Twitter.

There has been the odd good moment and Gloria’s life seems to be starting to take a turn for the better, too.  She’s managed to get a new job.  Well, it’s still part time but the hours are no longer unsociable and she gets several weeks off a year as it’s at a school.

To sign off, this is a recent photo of Gloria and Yasmin

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